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Shimano 13 Stella SW 5000XG Spinning Reel NEW

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Shimano 13 Stella SW 5000XG Spinning Reel NEW


Shimano 13 Stella SW 5000XG Spinning Reel NEW
Condition: Brand New in Box.
- Gear ratio: 6.2
- Practical drag force: 98.0 N/ 10.0 kg
- Maximum drag force: 127.4 N/ 13.0 kg
- Weight: 435 g/15.3 oz
- Spool size (diameter mm / stroke mm): 54(2.1 in.)/19(.74 in.)
- Nylon thread volume (No.-m) 4-200(218 yd.),5-150(164 yd.),6-130(142 yd.)
- PE thread volume (No.-m): 2-350(382 yd.), 3-240(262 yd.), 4-170(185 yd.)
- Maximum winding length (cm / 1 turn of handle): 105(41.3 in.)
- Handle length: 65 mm(2.5 in.)
- Number of Bearings (SA-RB / Roller): 1/14 
The strongest spinning in Shimano history, which fused "strong" and "smooth" to a high dimension!
What NEW Stella SW sought, that is "absolute strength".
In order to acquire this strength, "durability", "hoisting force", "rigidity", "waterproof performance", "drag performance" have been determined.
It is the core to improve the power transmission efficiency of the gear section [X - SHIP].
[POWER AL.BODY], [X RIGID ROTOR], [X RIGID BAIL], [X RIGID HANDLE] to increase rigidity and eliminate power loss due to distortion.
Phases where the above features are combined.